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We are a Social and Market Research firm committed to deliver quality data driven solutions to community challenges. We evaluate programmes, develop frameworks and design policies.

Focus Areas

Implementation Research

We specialize in the inventory, collection, and analysis of primary research data for businesses, NGOs, governments and other institutions. Our aim is to understand our respondents and their decisions better than they do.

Training & Capacity Building

We offer Learning & Development solutions to help our clients evaluate their strengths, develop talent, train leadership, and manage change. We help our clients take Talent Development objectives from vision to reality.

Perfomance Monitoring & Evaluation

We focus on Baselines, Midlines and Endlines surveys to evaluate the performance of projects. Our service offering regarding M&E includes development of M&E plans, Project Implementation plans and M&E frameworks.

Strategy Development & Implementation

We take a pragmatic, execution-oriented approach toward strategy development and implementation. We strive to be a partner to businesses big and small, providing the professional prowess you need to chart your path forward to deliver an unmatched experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Productive Sector

Knowledge Management

We are a leading knowledge management consultant helping organizations of any size to deliver tangible business value from their knowledge; by designing knowledge management strategies and frameworks, delivering knowledge management initiatives, and providing essential knowledge management tool kits.

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This is how we do it

your challenge
  • You understand the importance of trust-worthy relationships and an effective knowledge exchange amongst your workforce. You realize that these are key success factors for teams to work productively and efficiently together.
  • It is a challenge to establish strong, strategic networking structures and a powerful knowledge sharing culture in an organization.
  • For this purpose, you need to create the right frame and momentum to fuel your workforce’s commitment & involvement.
  • The solution is our “Share & Connect” format. It focuses on bringing people together, inviting them to share, discover and exchange and to connect the dots between people & knowledge.
our approach

In-person exchange is key to drive ideas forward in life, be it personal or in business. And we want to provide an antidote to the lack of personal connections in the fast-paced, fragmented world of today.

In a simple but flexible, interactive and audience-centered format, we:

  • Apply proven interactive activities to ensure a systematic networking focused on professional topics
  • Use effective facilitation techniques to engage the audience, encourage creative reflection and to steer the conversation
  • Incorporate a broad range of expertise & experience to provide deep insights into specific topics and challenges relevant to your business
your benefit

We help your organization to leverage business-relevant experience, expertise and skills to better perform and deliver high quality results by:

  • Connecting colleagues across units to build strong relationships
  • Raising awareness about the value of knowledge sharing through experience and learning from one another
  • Creating a deeper understanding of your company, its purpose and market situation
  • Identifying potential future action points and their roadmap to ultimately increase operational efficiency and reduce operational risk
who we partner with

We partner with companies that allow us to create and deliver solutions built specifically to meet your needs.

we bring domain and industry expertise

You get solutions designed for you by our industry, business consulting and technology experts. ​We enhance the quality and speed of our work with our modern delivery practices, accelerators and tools.

we bring deep commitment and experience

You get a single point-of-contact – a trusted advisor with vast years of experience – who knows your market. We also bring a deeply experienced team that can include resources from across the globe.


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